The Idaho Statesman 2003 (II)

Letter to The Idaho Statesman


Written by Juan Mendizabal


Newspaper closure


I would like to make some short comments about what Javier Ruperez said in his letter regarding the closure of the Basque newspaper Egunkaria and the tortures suffered by its staff. 


Mr. Ruperez can try to sell the closure of a newspaper and the tortures to its staff like a “democratic” measure. But the question is that we have lived several closures of papers and magazines, illegalization of political parties and social and human rights organizations. 


I understand Mr. Ruperez sees it the other way, but to close a newspaper and subject its staff (10 people) to tortures during almost a week in an unknown location is hard to sell and more hard to buy. 


Of course the Spanish propaganda has to sell it, and Mr. Ruperez accomplished his work. But we Basques will continue not buying its fairy tales. 


A newspaper closure remains what it is; moreover, when it isn´t the first and in this case it´s the total disappearance of any Basque language press, and to subject its staff to tortures to try to gain information continues to be what it is. Ruperez´s words don´t change it. 


Juan Mendizabal, Bilbao, Basque Country